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    Expression Of Interest For Enlistment Of Reputed Food Koisk Operators For Operating Food Outlets In Valankulam, Periyakulam And Selvachinthamani Lake Under Coimbatore Smart City Limited.         Food Court Tender Extended Up To 6 Pm, On 22.12.2021.         Toddler's Walk To The Park Competition - Winners Announcement    

Smart City



  • It is a technique of extracting metal from ores and other solid material typically using micro-organism fungi.  
  • Landfill mining is a traditional eco-friendly method of remediating old open dumps to reduce emission of landfill gases (methane) and leachate. 
  •  The loosened layers of old waste are sprayed with composting bio-cultures and heap formed into conventional aerobic wind-rows above-ground, onsite. 
  •  The waste is thus sterilized, stabilized and its volume is minimized and they are sorted by using series of mechanical operations and recyclables are recovered. 
  • It refers to clearing landfills by converting waste into compost, methane gas, bio-diesel, Refuse Derived Fuel. It involves the segregation of part of a dumpsite to make a landfill, ideally creating as small a 'footprint' as possible. 
  • Compostable waste is removed through sieving, and sold for use as soil enriches or for landscaping. Bio-mining eliminates leachate and landfill gases by performing such “bioreactor” activities above-ground, in the form of bio-treated aerobic windrows for almost total recovery of waste. 

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Coimbatore City is known for its beautiful lakes and rich culture. Its glorious past has got a fresh breath of air in the form of Smart City. Recreation and rejuvenation have become the core aspects in its development.

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