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    Expression Of Interest For Enlistment Of Reputed Food Koisk Operators For Operating Food Outlets In Valankulam, Periyakulam And Selvachinthamani Lake Under Coimbatore Smart City Limited.         Food Court Tender Extended Up To 6 Pm, On 22.12.2021.         Toddler's Walk To The Park Competition - Winners Announcement    

Vision & Mission

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City Vision & Mission

The entire vision, mission, and objectives are clearly formulated in such a way that it surfeits every need of its citizens.

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To make Coimbatore a comprehensive, secure and effectively governed metropolis that propounds sky-scraping quality of living for its cumulative and diverse populace apart from providing an universal top-notch civic services, enabling seamless mobility, fostering a dynamic vibrant economy and nurturing clean, resilient and Sustainable environment.

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In view of the need of progress for cities, the strategies of development program are designed accordingly. The plans will be implemented after a skull session with the state holders and officials. .

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Our Mission is to incorporate technology in instigating every urban localities into smart cities over the state. To revamp and invigorate integrated use of lands, rivers, roads, pavements, and transport effectively and also to promote kinship throughout the city with “smartness”.

About Us

Coimbatore City is known for its beautiful lakes and rich culture. Its glorious past has got a fresh breath of air in the form of Smart City. Recreation and rejuvenation have become the core aspects in its development.

Our Contacts

Corporation Building,
Big Bazaar St, Town Hall,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641001

(+91) 422 239 0261
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