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    Expression Of Interest For Enlistment Of Reputed Food Koisk Operators For Operating Food Outlets In Valankulam, Periyakulam And Selvachinthamani Lake Under Coimbatore Smart City Limited.         Food Court Tender Extended Up To 6 Pm, On 22.12.2021.         Toddler's Walk To The Park Competition - Winners Announcement    

Smart City


Smart City Mission

Powered by the Government of India, ‘National Smart Cities Mission’ is an urban renewal and retrofitting program. Its mission is development of Smart Cities across the country, and making them citizen friendly and plausible. The Union Ministry of Urban Development’s sole responsibility is to collaborate with the State Governments of the respective Smart Cities and implement the mission in a successful way. Smart Cities Mission visualizes developing an area within the cities in the country as model areas based on an area development plan, which is expected to have a rub-off effect on other parts of the city, and nearby towns. Cities will be selected based on the Smart Cities challenge, where cities will vie with each other in a country-wide competition to obtain the benefits from this mission. It is a five-year program in which, except for West Bengal, all the other Indian States and Union territories are participating by nominating at least one city for the Smart Cities challenge.

Financial aid will be given by the Central and State governments between 2017–2022 to the concerned cities and the mission will gear up from 2022 onwards. The Government of India has selected 100 cities throughout the Nation to develop as Smart Cities by upgrading its infrastructure and smart applications. Each city will create a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), headed by a full-time CEO, to implement the Smart Cities Mission. Out of the 100 cities, 11 are in Tamil Nadu and it is really an achievement. The 11 cities are: Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Thanjavur, Salem, Vellore, Tiruppur, Thoothukudi, Tirunelveli, Tiruchirappalli and Erode.

Welcome to Coimbatore Smart City

Coimbatore is one among the city that got selected in the first round out of 20 cities which competed in the Smart Cities challenge. On 28th January 2016, Minister of Urban Development - Shri Venkaiah Naidu announced the selected top 20. These cities will receive the funds, thus kick starting the process of Smart Cities Development. Coimbatore smart city has laid hands on projects under broad category like Water Restoration and conservation, Energy Conservation, Water supply, Solid waste management, Model Road, Smart surveillance and Social & Infrastructure development. Among these Water Restoration Project is of prime importance in comparison with the other projects which are lined up.

Coimbatore city boasts of eight lakes located symmetrical to each other. Those are: Krishnampathi, Selvampathy, Kumaraswamy, Selva Chinthamanikulam, Periyakulam, Valankulam & Kurichi

The Coimbatore Smart city will have an integrated plan which paves way to connect and develop the ecosystem across the eight lakes. Apart from the above mentioned, the lakes will also be revived with parks, open public spaces, botanical garden and open zoological parks, which pose as an added attraction. The water quality of the lake will be monitored continuously with proper mounted floats with WIFI connectivity. All the lakes will be studied for its bio-diversity. Apart from that, protected exclusive paths will be constructed for the purpose of walking and jogging and cycling with sky walks over roads will also be developed. Pertinently developed sewage plants will be set to have an eye on all the natural trains carrying sewage. In addition, smart city will have smart streetlights powered with solar technology sensors making every junction and streets more efficient for public transport thereby creating smart traffic and bye-bye congestion across the Coimbatore city.

Complex functions will have facilities like proper seating arrangements, footpath, cycle lane footpath, lighting, bus bay, passengers shed, drinking water, sign symbol, bike parking and ramp for the disabled. Creating an extensive atmosphere for the pedestrians and efficient CCTV surveillance to support traffic network will be an added benefit which will be witnessed in the Coimbatore Smart City.

Lake Developement Plan

The mind blowing transformation of Coimbatore Lakes..

Smart City Characteristics

Have a look at immense infrastructural changes.

Elaborate Development Plan preparation; revision of Development Control Regulations to guide potential re-development of the existing areas and densification in the fringe parts of the area is one important aspect associated with Smart City.

Another peculiarity associated with our Smart City is making lake fronts and lush green pathways as a kingpin for creating open spaces while enabling ‘accessible’ access to high trip attracting points on the go.

Integrated re-design for public transport and Non Motorized Transport (NMT) -friendly roads.

30 km lush and attractive green pathways with cycling, walking tracks and non-motorized streets form a vital theme of the citizen friendly proposal.

Provision of expansive housing, social infrastructure and livelihood protection to the urban poor is another facet of Smart City

Happening inventiveness for 24x7 PPP will address the water supply and management aspects extensively.

100% access through sewerage and cesspools provision; feasibility study for tertiary treatment to recycle the secondary treated sewage has been initiated which is regarded as the most acclaimed motif.

Area will be Open Defecation free and 100% compliant to Solid Waste Management (SWM) Rules 2000 by 201 7 which is of high acclaim.

Implementation of identified distribution enhancements; approved Solar City Master Plan recommendations on energy sourcing as well as its conservation forms the key in this Smart City design.

Given the critical importance of security in cities, innovative remodeling in the IoT is increasingly improving the well-being of city inhabitants. New services such as remotely connected CCTV and automated incident detection facilitate a speedy response to threats.


Promoting mixed land use in area based developments–planning for ‘unplanned areas’ containing a range of compatible activities and land uses close to one another in order to make land use more efficient.

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Day-time non-motorized streets are chalked out in the market area between Selva Chintamani and Perur Lake. Artistically designed and beautified NMT-only eco-bridges are proposed on the 8 road crossings on the NMT Corridor which is highly commendable.

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An extensive road inventory survey of the 200-km road network will be undertaken to review the current plight of the roads, its geometry and configuration and also to identify/develop appropriate designs incorporating world-class standards for footpaths/cycling tracks on all arterial roads with much poise.

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CCoimbatore seeks to refine its parking conditions through its regulatory/policy actions (including provision and enforcement of strict parking zones, systematization of parking fees etc) and laying hands on technology. Our Smart City Coimbatore will make use of the area to pilot creation of designated off-street parking zones for a better vibe.

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In Coimbatore, open spaces are redeveloped with a huge focus on eco-restoration. Preserving and developing of open spaces such as parks, recreational spaces, and playgrounds for the future generation; reduction of heat effects in the urban areas with an eco-balance happens to be the phenomenal aspect of this Redevelopment plan. In addition to these, open-air amphitheaters for cultural and public events will also be set up.

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Improvement of Park

Enhancements of Parks with play areas, lush and eye-catching greenery for the sake of children and addition of fountains at vantage points.

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Recreational Spaces(Valankulam lake)

A floating deck will be placed in the Valankulam Lake and it will definitely turn the heads for sure. It will definitely provide the needed rejuvenation to the lake coupled with food kiosks, children’s play area, walkers’ plaza etc. Sound and light shows on lake fronts on Coimbatore’s unique aspects will take place. Another attraction in this recreational space is the set up of a Japanese garden and this will be an icing on the cake here.

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Inspired by the Singapore’s multi-tap strategy to nurture water resources, an integrated water management strategy finds its way into Coimbatore’s Smart City. The ABP seeks to nurse its network of lakes back to pristine health and trying to make its flood control mechanism more effective. Detailed Project Reports identifying components of action have already been prepared for all the eight identified lakes, reflecting implementation readiness.

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Coimbatore has initiated bidding process to select a capable private partner to implement 24x7 water supply on the PPP mode. This project seeks to incorporate smart solutions including smart metering, SCADA, and advanced leak detection techniques which will help in fulfilling the output of 24x7 supply.

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The Sewage Treatment Plants, when commissioned will help close the loop with respect to trapping sewage and waste-water flows away from the lakes. Setting up of Tertiary Treatment Facilities for the purpose of recycling and reusing of waste water have been proposed and this will ultimately bring down the strains on fresh water resources.

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Ward 23 within this Area has been converted into a bin-free ward with 100% door-to-door collection and source segregation and a zonal waste-processing centre and this initiative won the prestigious SKOCH award recently.

In order to achieve this success Coimbatore Corporation added bins to the city in order to enhance the waste collection. It also included temporary bins which naturally disappeared after the completion of the job. In addition, push carts were also functioning. Later on, they went for battery-powered vehicles and gradually moved to diesel vehicles.

Now the focus has been shifted to bins back as the construction of micro-compost centres have begun mainly to make all the wards bin-free shortly.

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Coimbatore has comprehensive mapped households without individual toilets and expects to cover these with individual toilet facilities under the Swacch Bharat Mission in the next two years. An intensive campaign to spread awareness and build citizen ownership is also being taken up to enable its maintenance and sustainable use in the long run.

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The proposal seeks to make Coimbatore completely devoid of slums within 5-years. Building on Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board’s pro-active identification and construction of over 10,800 tenements under BSUP and PMAY, the households residing on the lake fringes on ‘objectionable’ slums will be rehabilitated as a priority followed by phased rehabilitation of all the slum households in the area. Provision of civic/social services, mobility and betterment of livelihoods through various skill training would be central themes in this rehabilitation effort. The recent successful relocation of slum households along Valankulam Lake and recovery of wetland from the encroachment reinforces the capacity of CCMC and TNSCB to translate this vision into reality in the area and city-wide meticulously.

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Coimbatore plans to accelerate its Solar rooftop addition of 12.6 MW within the Area towards fulfilling targets in its Solar city Master Plan through convergence with MNRE’s subsidy program. As a part of the Smart City initiative, 3.6 MW Solar project will be set up on a 15 acre land near Ukkadam’s Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). This project comprises of 11,286 solar panels which aids in the production of 320 Watts. The power generated from this Solar Project will be transferred to the main grid of the TANGEDCOsub-station at Ukkadam.

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Apart from energy efficient street lighting (being addressed as a pan-city initiative), Coimbatore seeks to actively implement the recommendations of the Solar City Master Plan covering residential, commercial and industrial segments in the area, apart from improvements to in water and sewerage systems.

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Addition of substations, HT feeders, and about 100 km of underground cabling and ongoing SCADA implementation under r-APDRP and IPDS have partly facilitated in managing the growth in demand in recent years and also in outage reduction.

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Coimbatore was once renowned for its peaceful stature in Tamil Nadu. This reputation dwindled gradually and now it is ranked second on the number of crimes following Chennai, which tops the list. Even in terms of road accidents also, the city was below standard. While the City Police has created a CCTV network with a combination of street/junction level CCTVs and in-property cameras in commercial establishments and malls, these are not adequately integrated and operate on a stand-alone manner. This is regarded as a main set-back. In order to overcome this, integrated city-wide technology–led surveillance was considered as an apt choice. As a Smart City initiative, a comprehensive CCTV based surveillance system with state-of-art backbone network and central control rooms will be developed so that Coimbatore will regain its lost glory in all aspects in a speedy manner.

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Coimbatore will transition to a web-enabled e-governance application in the coming future and it is developed by the Department of Municipal Administration for the sake of its citizens.

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Coimbatore will soon boast of Eco-friendly waste water treatment system. As per the Smart City Proposal, 8 such systems will find its place in the Smart City. Moreover, it uses eco-friendly techniques. So, how much higher be the water contamination, some underground structures will be set up with the help of biological treatment methods. As a value- addition, the decentralized plants which are constructed in the apartments, gated communities etc will also be connected to this water treatment system in order to make sure that only good water is carried.

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Coimbatore intends to extend its relatively strong e-governance architecture to mobile-app ecosystem through enabling apps for a wider reach.

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Coimbatore City is known for its beautiful lakes and rich culture. Its glorious past has got a fresh breath of air in the form of Smart City. Recreation and rejuvenation have become the core aspects in its development.

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