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    Expression Of Interest For Enlistment Of Reputed Food Koisk Operators For Operating Food Outlets In Valankulam, Periyakulam And Selvachinthamani Lake Under Coimbatore Smart City Limited.         Food Court Tender Extended Up To 6 Pm, On 22.12.2021.         Toddler's Walk To The Park Competition - Winners Announcement    




Welcome to Coimbatore

An exquisite region, which always takes pride on abundant varieties of industrialization, was once ruled by the Sangam Cheras dynasty. It has now turned to be one of the most happening districts in the textiles, industrial, commercial, educational, Information technology, and healthcare sectors. Coimbatore is proudly referred as the manufacturing hub of Tamil Nadu. The Southern Manchester Kongu Nadu served as the Eastern entrance to the gap of Palakkad. The trade between Muziris and Arikamedu in South India was extended by the Roman Coimbatore. In the 10th century CE, Medieval Cholas conquered the Kongu Nadu. During the 15th century, the region came under the rule of the Vijayanagara Empire. To enhance the trade, Cholas constructed “Rajakesari Peruvazhi”, a highway. In the 17th century, when Vijayanagara Empire fell, Madurai Nayaks reigned the power and established the “Palayakkar system”, an independent kingdom, where Kongu Nadu region was divided into 24 Palayams.

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Following a series of wars between the Madurai Nayak Dynasty and the Kingdom of Mysore in the 18th century, Coimbatore was annexed to the Madras Presidency in 1799 by the British East India Company after defeating Tipu Sultan in the Anglo-Mysore wars. Under Dheeran Chinnamalai’s area of operations, the region played prominent role in the second Poligar war (1801).


Some of the important Historical Glimpses:

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During the 9th Century, Coimbatore was formed by Sundharamurthi Nayanar and Cheran Perumal.

12th Century
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During the 12th century the hill temple Marudhamalai was built by the Tamil kings during Sangam period as shown in purananuru. Lord Muruga is the deity of this hill temple which is situated in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. It is considered as the Seventh House of Lord Muruga.

18th Century
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1790: British East India Company takes Coimbatore. The company led by General William Meadows took control of Coimbatore (which was evacuated by Tipu) and a significant part of Coimbatore district.

19th Century
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During the year of 1866:Municipality of Coimbatore was established in 1866 according to the Town Improvements Act of 1865 with Robert Stanes, a renowned industrialist as its first Chairman.

1877: Clock Tower installed at Town Hall in memory of A.T. Thiruvenkataswamy Mudaliar. It was on 1877 a hospital was planned and implemented under the clock tower room.

1892: Victoria Town Hall built in the City with contributions from the Municipality and citizens.

20th century
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During the year of 1912: Sugarcane Breeding Institute was established by the Department of Agriculture, Madras Presidency. Dr Charles Alfred Barber, botanist, was the first Head of the Institute & Government Sugarcane Expert.

1916: Sambandhan Mudaliar becomes Chairman of the Coimbatore Municipality. (Sambhandan street is later named after him.)

1921: C.S. Rathinasabapathy Mudaliar becomes Chairman of the Coimbatore Municipality for 14 years from 1921. (R. S. Puram is also named after him.)

1934: Municipality elects its first woman Chairman, K. Thankamma Jacob.

1981: Coimbatore upgraded to a Municipal corporation in 1981, the third in Tamil Nadu.

21st century
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During the year of 2009: Coimbatore Vizha inaugurated. 2012: Coimbatore Corporation won the Best Corporation Award in Tamil Nadu.

About Us

Coimbatore City is known for its beautiful lakes and rich culture. Its glorious past has got a fresh breath of air in the form of Smart City. Recreation and rejuvenation have become the core aspects in its development.

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