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    Expression Of Interest For Enlistment Of Reputed Food Koisk Operators For Operating Food Outlets In Valankulam, Periyakulam And Selvachinthamani Lake Under Coimbatore Smart City Limited.         Food Court Tender Extended Up To 6 Pm, On 22.12.2021.         Toddler's Walk To The Park Competition - Winners Announcement    

Smart City

Integrated Command And Control Center

The Integrated Command and Control Center has been implementing various schemes in collaboration with the Central and State Governments to improve the daily living standards of the urban population.  One of the major projects is the Smart Cities project.  Each city gets a grant of Rs 500 crore from the central government and Rs 500 crore from the state government.  The Central Government plans to transform 100 cities in India into Smart cities and 11 cities in Tamil Nadu have been brought under this scheme.  One of its features is the setting up of an integrated command and control center.  The Integrated Command and Control Center is the focal point for co-ordinating all the essential functions that people need.  This control center provides 24 hour drinking water supply to households, solid waste management, city cleanliness maintenance, CCTV surveillance of incidents, immediate detection of natural disasters and expeditious rescue operations, and information on traffic congestion areas in the city.

Helping the public to know, monitoring various functions such as coordinating all the services of the local body and assisting in issuing appropriate orders through the control room.  This not only creates transparency in the administration but also ensures that the lives of the people are uplifted.  His Excellency the Prime Minister of India with his hands laid the foundation stone for the Rs. 107 crore Integrated Command and Control Centers to be built in 9 Smart cities in the presence of the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

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Coimbatore City is known for its beautiful lakes and rich culture. Its glorious past has got a fresh breath of air in the form of Smart City. Recreation and rejuvenation have become the core aspects in its development.

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